Sep. 28th, 2016

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[ profile] gameofcards is currently in phase nine and recruiting new players!

Game of Cards is a landcomm where you play for team points by completing activities such as games, graphic making, and fic writing. Hopefully you'll learn new things and meet new people and, mostly, have fun!

Game of Cards is a multi-fandom comm so you can use any fandom (or none; stock images to make icons for example are welcome) to complete a creative challenge. Plenty of scope for your favourite historical fandoms or favourite time periods to come into play!

Sign up post is here ; or visit the rules/faq for further information.
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For the [ profile] a_war_of_roses "Fandom History 101" challenge; 5/5 The Knick

Title: The Knick
Format: TV Show
Era/Location: 1900, New York
Brief Summary: The Knickerbocker Hospital deals with poor patients others won't touch and pushes the boundaries with regards to surgery and new techniques; opium addict Thackery is brilliant but needs to learn restraint. He is less than impressed when told to work with a black surgeon, Edwards, but finds that Edwards is exceptional and that together they can reach new heights.
Why you like it/would recommend it: Excellent cinematography and effects and Clive Owen is wonderful as troubled if brilliant surgeon, Thackery. The show doesn't shy away from themes including racism, poverty, corruption, and reproductive rights, and there are many great characters and storylines. The more modern musical score provides an interesting contrast and it's amazing to see how far medicine had – and had not – yet developed by this time period.


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